This is LGBT treasury of good deeds. We collect stories how LGBT helps Ukrainians. Have you already helped to someone? Be counted and make your help visible! Such things should not be hidden.

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Our target is to change the opinion of Ukrainians on LGBT people. We do not work with money, but only registering stories of charities, good deeds and further, if possible information how much time or money was spent.

non-profit PR

When 4 Gay Guys helped to a driver which get in to a trouble. We have to show your help

LGBT are an active

Layer of the society and are involved in life actively helping people. There are deeds we should be proud of.

A story

In many countries same-sex couples are legalized and

Show usefulness

they show they are productive members of the society, let's make such a positive image in Ukraine too.

Have goy heard about pink money?

Change the opinion

LGBT have a right to live as they want to. The polls showed YES:

Ukraine 28%

Poland 44%

There are people in Ukraine whose opinion we can change.

LGBT people know

what a hostile environment can be. We give you a way to declare that members of the LGBT community are EQUAL CITIZENS.

You help Ukraine even though you are invisible for Ukrainians. We have to show our every day usefulness.

People who support LGBT throughout the World help Ukraine.

We need to show your help

Everyone of us is engaged in charity in your own way every day. We suggest you to register on this website any donation you've made elsewhere.




We want journalists to be able to check the donations.

Level of anonymity

As you don't wait for any gratitude for the charity, that's why we let you choose the level of anonymity. For example you can remove your name from the bill or a photo.


We have to make our help visible.

The only thing we ask

to upload a proof that the donation was made it could be a photo of the bill or the gift as the confirmation of the donation act.

Well done!

Thank you for accelerating the time when whether gay or straight will no longer matter.

Love wins!